Bob, you are a self-important intolerant elitist. Why couldn't you just confront me like a man? It really made me angry to find your note on my door. I never had an agreement with you for when I will run my saws. Implied, agreed or otherwise. I thought you were being unreasonable, presumptive and entirely over-reactive suggesting I must consult with you prior to using my tools. I can't believe you just couldn't close your door for a little while. I am a homeowner and I would like to invest in my home from time to time without your interference.
Let me make one thing perfectly clear: I will run any and all my saws when I please and when I see fit without any suggestions from you or any of our other neighbors for whom you seem so willing to offer opinion. I checked with the police department and it is perfectly legal for me to run them between the hours of 8am and 10 pm.
It's obvious you spent an inordinate amount of time thinking about this and then putting it in writing!?! You put it in writing!! Do you know what that means? I can post it anywhere and let others see how ridiculous and overbearing you are.  This simply proves what a unthinking dope you are. I now control the text of your message and its distribution, You've somehow justified your repression of others natural human behaviors in order to meet your own peculiar personal needs. You've tried to it within some new-agey touchy-feely words but is still boils down to unrealistic expectations of your environment and the behavior of those around you.
It seems to me that you have some irrational need for a quiet "working" environment. To me this is an extreme non-issue. To others it might suggest paranoia or criminal activity. Might I suggest earplugs or environmental soundproofing of your own home? Since you are already a soundproofing expert, why are you wasting time telling me how to do it? It just doesn?t make sense for you to just sit there when you could just soundproof your way to happiness. You have no real interest in me as a human being with my own needs trying to achieve my own personal liberty and goals as a individual. You care not that I may want to improve my home by building shelves in my spare time. I understand, being a renter such as yourself, you may not care to improve the value of someone else's home like the one you live in. But since I actually OWN my home, I feel a great need to improve it. You act as if I just go out every day and start up the saws for the sole purpose if torturing my neighbors. It's obvious you've never felt the sheer joy in creating wooden objects from scratch and actually use them in your own home. Yours is the first complaint I've had in 35 years of public and private saw-using.
Bob, you need to understand my perspective. To begin with, the central value in my choice system is individual freedom. By freedom I mean exactly and only freedom from coercion by others. Self-annointed arbiters of correct human behavior seldom concern themselves with the loss of individual freedom. Just as you said, "I also feel that we all need to take responsibility for our actions when they affect those around us-even if that means giving up a small degree of personal freedom." I feel the same way. And your "reservation" on a "quiet working environment" at the expense of my free use of  tools commonly used at our condominium is simply unacceptable to me. It is assumptive and harrassing. Especially when earplugs and soundproofing options are just as easy for you and you don't need my permission to use them.
I believe each man must be free to do what is his duty as he defines it, so long as he does not use force against another. I also believe each man to be ultimately responsible for what happens to him. True, he is influenced by his heredity, his environment, his subconscious, and by pure chance. But I insist that precisely what makes man man is his ability to rise above these influences, to change and determine his own destiny. If this be true, then it follows that each of us is terribly and inevitably and forever responsible for everything he does. We are all imperfect in our knowledge of the ultimate purpose of our lives, imperfect in his choice of means to serve those purposes he does select, imperfect in the integrity with which he deals with himself and those around him, imperfect in his capacity to love his fellow man. If man is imperfect, then all of his constructs must be imperfect, and the choice is always among degrees and kinds of imperfection. Utopia is never going to be realized here on earth, and the man who insists that it is, is always lost unto freedom.
Moreover, man's imperfections are intensified as he acquires the power to coerce others; "power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely." This completes the listing of my assumptions, and it should be clear that the list does not constitute a total philosophy of life. Most importantly, it does not define what I believe the free man's duty to be, or more specifically, what I believe my own duty to be and the source of the charge to me.
By the way, I had 15 cuts each lasting approximately 1 minute spread over about an hour and a half. That's about 15 minutes of saw noise. Last Saturday, there were no less than 3 electric saws going in our neighborhood, one of them directly across from your apartment, and another in the parking area, not to mention the construction at the new Wallgreen?s. It seemed like a good day to get the noise out of the way. I wonder how many OTHER letters you sent out on Friday?
Oh, by the way, I personally really LIKE saw noise myself. It reminds me of the sound of progress and value and change and allows me to forget about the overbearing self-righteous jerks  whose own intrusive unilateral behavior interferes with my personal life in a negative way. I work very hard during the week and find a weekend filled with electric saw using to be very relaxing.
And please don't ever put any notes like that on my door again, it was really childish, if there is something you don't like about me,  just confront me in personlike a mature adult.
And here's my official answer.....
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