Ok, this is what I really meant to say
October 23,2003
I need to bring to your attention something that occurs every damn day several times a day. I've never spoken to you about this but I made the mistaken assumption that you had a brain. Due to the nature of MY WORK I demand absolute silence from all those within 326.34 feet from my left ear and 567.34 yards from my right ear.  I must tell you that due to the nature of my tough job for a famous cult which will go unmentioned, as worlds foremost slackmaster, as well as my eccentric and arbitrary nature, that my privacy is more important to me than gold or diamonds or the riches men lay by and store up for some far, far distant , yet unrealized, time. OK  this is it, man. Here's how I "feel". Too bad you forced me to tell you.

You stomp around at all hours of the day or night like a lost herd of drunken water buffaloes careening from wall to wall stumbling aimlessley around your APARTMENT all the while mumbling incoherently in a gravelly hate-filled tone along with the incessant combined breathing, and sweating sounds you make. I never heard anyone sweat before. Not to mention the nocturnal squirting and farting sounds emanating from the direction of what I can only presume to be your bedroom. This constant noise is just too disruptive and is patently unnacceptable Although you appear to be just a loser ex-hippie who is only able to hold down a part-time teaching job at a local adult learning center teaching software to wasted losers which a normal child can learn right out of the box., you do seem capable of regular thought processes. I understand that you give "readings" by telephone whatever that means. I guess you somehow deduce the psychic aura or ass gasses of your "customers" through the telephone line and then proceed to tell them whatever will get them to pay you some money all the while making yourself "feel" like you are helping some poor soul. What a racket you clowns have. I always been too embarrassed too stoop that low. Maybe only mugging old blind women and having sex with dead farm animals would be slightly less honorable.

I will never give you at any time some advance notice so you can arrange a time in your schedule when you could be away and I could feel free to do my work. I always feel free to do my work. That would be redundant and illogical  and irresponsible to ascede my power to you. I will never give you a copy of my work schedule and I never want you watching me that closely, religiously following my routine and knowing what I do because my privacy is important to me and I've spent a lifetime protecting it from intrusive unilateral assholes such as yourself. I never felt we had an understanding nor do I want to have one. And besides, that's just creepy.

I never felt "disrespected" and I would never use that faddish term just because I hear it in the media like you do. One CAN'T be disrespected.  It's technically impossible.  You can't DEMAND respect from anyone. You can only EARN someone's respect by displaying attributes of character worth respecting. God, Oh how I hate people who use that term like you did. As far as trust is concerned, why would you ever feel like you could trust me? What kind of "world"do you live in. We live in a place where we don't have to trust anyone. Why would I trust anyone I have no respect for? Please understand this is not personal, I will never let you into my life enough to earn my trust or respect but that was never a possibility for you anyway. You just live these illusions apparently about what your expectations are from your fellow man. And it's entirely in your head.

This issue will never resurface because I will never treat you as an equal to me, again. By leaving that letter on my door, you have self-selected yourself out of my "sphere of caring". Thanks for saving me the trouble. There won't be any confusion about my position. In the future, I would appreciate it if you would just stab your self in the eye whenever you want to make a noise. No amount of reasonable notice that you are planning to make noise will ever work to my benefit. You are never welcome to call to set things up. Though they can speak for themselves, I could care less if you consider the other neighbors. That's their business. Allegedly, Sara works at night and I wouldn't be so presumptuous as usurping what is hers and hers alone, her opinion. Worth no more or less than yours. She's probably trying to sleep when you are stomping around and beeping your burglar alarm, but I wouldn't know that either. Maybe you should ask her. Jeff works at a very difficult job (I wouldn't know, and I don't care to find out) and presumably prizes his privacy as much as you and I do, but t's none of my business.

The other thing that happened at least four times a day, every day of the year because you don' go out too much is that you always activate and deactivate your remote control car burglar alarm system with 3 beeps. I hear those three beeps so many times I can imitate them in my sleep. I can't tell you how many times those 3 beeps have woken me up from a sound sleep -- beep-beep-beep, there it is right now. Don't you hear it? Have you ever stopped to think it might be irritating and intrusive? NEVER! NO just beep-beep-beep , beep-beep-beep , beep-beep-beep , all the time. Everyday, but do I ever complain, NO!!! I turn my stereo up loud enough so that I can hear my music while I work outside. I WORK ON MY HOUSE!!! Get used to it! You should listen to my music, it is so much better than the shit you listen to. Oh my God, what was that, Helen Reddy?

Your music is crap. You should get some wireless headphones and just wear them whenever you are at home constantly barraging you with an endless stream of relaxation tapes intermiixed with Tangerine Dream and other hippie shit. I glad you try to keep the volume low out of respect for me and the neighbors, but it's still shitty music.

Never mention my daughter again. You're not allowed to. You don't have that level of privelege. I'm not willing to work with you on this at all I believe you just need to chill and learn to appreciate being my neighbor. Fuck all that insulation and soundproofing and all that stuff --- that's just a red herring. I don't want you telling me what to do and I don't give a shit about you enough to tell you what to do.. That crap about you working a lifetime?! On what!? You are a classic underachiever. The stuff you call work doesn't really count That's not real work. That flim-flam stuff is going to get you in trouble, eventually. You may as well be a bus boy. It'd pay more.

Don't make assumptions about my former life, either I hate that shit. You don't know what I';ve been through and don't assume anything. You are just really too restrictive, arbitrary, assumptive, and naive. You have way too many expectations on your
environment and the behavior of the people around you.

We don't have to communicate with each other and we don't have to respect each other's privacy beyond that which is protected by the rule of law. I never agree to giving up any measure of personal freedom for any price My experience is that intrusive unilateral behavior like yours always leads to negative relationships with me. That leads to tension and conflict and you better not be threatening me. The following is the most true statement of your letter: " realize these are my values and you may not agree with them". That is absolutely true. I am not open to any discussion regarding the contents of this letter and/or whatever you may deem to be reasonable, shared, solutions. I'm not into sharing and caring. I am not willing to work with you. This last statement made me laugh!!!! Real hard!!!

"I also want to make it absolutely clear that I am firm in the preservation of my privacy. It will not waver from day to day, hour to hour; and neither will my respect for the privacy of the others around me. Both are constants and both are core values that I have worked a lifetime to develop"

Yeah, sure like nobody else does. God, what trite bullshit!  Where did you learn to write?

You know what I hate -- the concept of fairness -- it constrains natural selection and leads to a muddy gene poo

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