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Subsite - The Official Church Homepage
Steve Jackson Games Rant Generator
The Internet's Best Music Guide
The Internet's Best Movie Guide
Federal Budget Explorer - Check It Out If You're So Smart, Try and Fix It Yourself
John Shirley's Regular Page
John Shirley's NEW Additional  Page
Serpent X's Half-Assed Puzzling Evidence Radio Show Links
Sterno's "Harrass the 419 Scammers" Page

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Gary (G'Broagfran) Hughes Sign Gods Page
Ed (Bishop Joey) Holmes First Church of the Last Laugh
The Amino Acids Page
The Cynics and Other Greeks and Romans
Bloodiest Tyrants of the 20th Century
Wars, Massacres and Atrocities of the 20th Century
30 Worst Atrocities of the 20th Century
Bloodiest Wars of the 20th Century
Wars, Atrocities, WMD's and Other Natural Disasters
Complete Casualty Data for 20th Century Wars
Alphabetical List of War, Massacre, Tyranny and Genocide
James Randi
Debunkers and Skeptics Sites
The Skeptic
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Essential Sites
Cool Stuff and Diversions
The Skeptic's Dictionary
East Bay Skeptics
Philosophical Links
The Stoics and Stoicism
Non-Partisan Migration Policy Institute
Best Glossary of Economic Terms
Houghton-Mifflin College Division Reader's Companion - Books on all Subjects
Anagram Generators
Other Wordplay
Revenge is a dish best served cold. - Origin Unknown
Bureau of Labor Statistics
Religious Intolerance
Wikipedia - Free Encyclopedia - Life in the U.S.
Corporate Influence in the Media
Dis-Authorized Propaganda
County by County Election Results
Generosity Index by State
Why Intellectuals are Always Antagonistic to the Market
The Ayn Rand Institute
Objectivism Sites
What is Objectivism?
The Objectivist Center
Objectivism Online's Site
Objectivism and Thomas Jefferson
Leonard Peikoff's Site
What's Wrong with Objectivism - Media Watch
Media Research Council
The Drudge Report
USGS Worldwide Earthquake Activity
The Gertz File
Maslow's Hierarchy of Need
Brentano's Theory of Judgement
Indy-Media, Voter-Fraud, Anti-American and Hate Bush Sites
The American Scientist Magazine
Ananova Quirkies
ESA - European Space Agency
Science and Technology
HAARP Project Home
Jeff Rense
VDARE - Immigration Studies
Topical and Economic
Phineas Narco's - National Cynical Network
Up to 5 NEW Links Every Week Hand Selected by Yours Truly
Holocaust Denial Movement
Holocaust Revision
David Icke
In Memory of the Lodz Ghetto
Holocaust and Atrocity History Related
Radio Islam
120 Questions
My Favorite Managers
National Radio Project
Random Videos
Nanjing Massacre
The Rape of Nanking
Biological Weapons Testing in WWII
The Other Holocaust
Michael Coleman's -
The World Famous Jive Filter
The Dominion of Melchizedek
Other Melchizedek Links
Accuracy in Media
Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting
Urantia Foundation
Jews For Jesus
Wall Street Journal Opinion Page
Internet Archive
Ayn Rand Quote Generator
Ayn Rand in the Yahoo Directory
Big Lebowski Quote Generator 1
Quote, Rant, Poetry and Text Generators
Big Lebowski Quote Generator 2
Big Lebowski
Chris Farley
Napoleon Dynamite
5 - Arnold Schwarzenegger
Sling Blade
2 - Jack Black
Office Space
John F-ing Kerry
George W. Bush
Oops, I Crapped My Pants
Milk and Cookies
Other Soundboards
Phone Booth
P.G. Wodehouse Quotes
Iraqi News and Bloggers
Iraq The Model
The Mesopotamian
The Free Iraqi
Publius Pundit - Liberty and Democracy Movements
The United Nations Debacle
Cecil X Nixxon's Blog
Budget Surpluses, Deficits and Goverment Spending
You Are Already Famous -- See?
Pro Wrestling History
History of Pro Wrestling Titles
Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame
Hal Robins -- Wizard of Ass Interview -
Mentions Me, the Show, Wellman and the Church
Dont Use - Secret Location of Archived Show Files
George Soros - Who is he and why?
George Soros
Breaking All The Rules
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Ass and Fart Sites
Evolution Control Committee
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An Entire Page of Text Generators and the Ilk
List of My Movies
My Movie Collection
IMBJR's Hello Kitty Explains SubGenius A to Z
Shave My Yeti
Rudy Schwartz Project
United Mutations
String Theory
Mr. Methane
Mr. Methane's Fart links
Labor Theory of Value
Kabbalah and Hermetic Tradition
Sacred Texts