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Conspiracies - General
9-11: NORAD, FAA, Pentagon MADE It Happen
When 9/11 Conspiracy Theories Go Bad
$20 Dollar Bill Connection to 9/11
9/11 Conspiracy as per Patriot Saints
Popular Mechanics Refutes 9/11 Conspiracy Theories
9/11 Conspiracy Theorists Debunk Popular Mechanics Refutation of  9/11 Conspiracy Theories
9-11 Research
911 In Plane Sight -- VIDEOS
Hammer of Truth
Master Mystery Index Table of Links
The UFO Disclosure Project
Laughing Squid's SF Art and Culture Links
The UFO Disclosure Project Video Stream
HAARP Project Conspiracy
Laughing Squid's SF Artists and Performers' Links
Frank Olson Legacy Project
Laughing Squid's SF Robotics and Machine Art Links
Council on Foreign Relations
The Black Vault of Freedom of Information Act Military and Governent Document Archive
Jim Blanchard's Links
Momus's Links
Secret Chiefs 3 Links Page
Modern Myths
Estradasphere Links Page
Global Warming Myth
Environmental  Myths
WEEBLS Links Page
Genetic Engineering  Myths
Ebaumsworld Links
Biotechnology  Myths
Endangered Species  Myths
Audio Visionaries
Coyle and Sharpe - Mal Sharpe
My Movie Collection
List of My Movies
Ken Nordine
Trevor Wishart
My Favorite False Prophets
Ass and Fart Sites
Mr. Methane
Mr. Methane's Fart links
And Again
Pastor David Epley
Gas Ring Webring
Dr. Gene Scott
Facts On Farts
R.W. Schambach
Philo's MySpace Page
J. Vernon Magee
Philo Drummond Band  MySpace Page
Peter Popoff
Popoff Proven Fake (Duh! Yet Again w/Subs!
Lester Rolloff - check external links
Bob Tilton
Jimmy Swaggart
Earnest Angely
For all you Budding False Prophets -
Tennessee Elijah
Culture Jamming
Music and Band Related Pages
Radio Related Pages
Home Made Movies and Videos

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