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News and Stuff:
LINKS - Oh Joy and Fun, I am so lucky
because I get to be one of the regular Special
Guest Stars on this World Famous,
Award-Winning Radio Show. This is the
of all the SubGenius Radio Shows
except maybe Hour Of Slack. This show has
been on
KPFA 94.1 in Berkeley CA for over
20 years. Mind Expanding Free Form Concept
Extension Word Jammers rap and spin and
take on all callers at 3:00 to 5:00 am Friday
Mornings also streaming at
Completely UN-Grok-able in small doses.
Requires multiple exposures in order to "get
it". Rarely constrained by theme or common
sense. Sometimes we'll have special guests
visitors, famous weirdos or naked women or
gorillas or naked women gorillas.
Serpent X
is kind enough to host some of earlier
shows. Of Course, don't forget to set up your
podcast at
Higher Quality Stereo MP3s
PODCASTS For those Technologically
illiterate Luddites out there,
copies can be
obtained on cd from me if you ask me to and I'll
slavishly make them and procrastinate and wait a
really, really long time to actually mail them to you
but will eventually get them to you if you make me
feel really guilty. But anyway just e-mail me at
Puzzling Evidence Show in PODCASTS!!!
but they are just mono MP3s..
Quality Stereo Edits of Select 2008
Shows minus Intro section can be found
here. Archives of Higher Quality Stereo
MP3s PODCASTS of the show can be
obtained at
Hesiod then you can archive
and edit your own shows.

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