The Swingin? Love Corpses Halloween Gig at Off Broadway in St.   Louis, October 28th, 1995
This Gig turned out to be one of the last and ultimately one of the best Swingin? Love Corpses ?Live? performances at Off Broadway in St. LouisMissouri on or about Halloween. The Line-up was Lafe on bass, Tex on second guitar, Ray Hay on Lead, Philo on Sax and vocal and Sphinx on trumpet and vocals, as usual. This was the most concise version of the band and yet our most ROCK-ish. Very funny parts include intra-song banter and some of our best shtick. All between song banter preserved. In fact, you can string the songs together in the order shown for the complete SLC gig experience. There will be video clips from this gig here soon.
Track   Number Song   Title
1 Floppin'   In a Bag
2 This   Is Our Best Song
3 Reverberation
4 Girlfriend   Is a Po'Bucker
5 Rock   and Roll Medley
6 I   Dug My Baby Tonight
7 Pyramid   Power
8 Fog   and The Dew
9 Downbeat   Riffs Bob's Death Reenactment
10 State   of Emergency
11 Sign   of the Times
12 Bummer
13 Pick-A-Booger
14 Costume   Dance Contest
15 Dancin'   With A Hard On
16 Sixteen   Tons
17 She   Came Here Tonight To Get Away
18 Time   Killers
19 Bad Mo'   Fo'
20 T-Shirt   Givin' Away Blues
21 Nature, I   Hate It
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