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Philo Drummond announces the release of his latest album of music, "Dark Matter". In
this, his first release in 3 years, Philo doggedly pursued cold leads and dead ends to find

hot samples which were currently enslaved by evil tyrannical overlords of
monotony, pedantry, and conformity. Liberated from the tyranny of these
environments, these samples artfully lead Philo through a new kind of construction not
bound by nonsensical expired notions such as rhythm, melody and tempo.  Intelligent
samples p
reviously known by nicknames such as Under the Influence, Behind the Eight
Ball, Outside the Box, Under the Bus, and Past the Point of No Return, who in a former
use showed little or no signs of their future unique employment.
A little darker and more industrial than most of  his earlier efforts, Philo’s youngest
daughter said of this work, “Please, Daddy, turn it off, it scares me”.
Philo says, “I have worked harder than I have ever worked to craft a musical experience
which will delight the old timers
and molly-coddle the youngsters, all the while delivering
secret coded message which will encode the listener's mind in order to fulfill biblical
prophecy later this year. These 13
or 14 songs represent at least an incredible few hours
effort. What with downloading the samples and stitching them together in Cooledit
Studio Pro and then using the mp3 tag editor software to make sure the tags and art
re there on each song and then ftp’ing them to my website and making this page in
ahoo Sitebuilder. And now you can live the magic just like I have all these minutes and
News Release:
Actual Food Pyramid used in
the production of this album
of non-food related songs.
“Saving the Planet Since 1952”
Quivering Brain Music
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Debilitating Efficiency Derivative
Deniable Plausability
Footdrips and Rainsteps
Guillotine Wheel
New Message From "Bob"
Passive Engagement
Robot Control Response Shutdown Procedure
Robot Control Sequence Initiation Process
September 45
Thunder Whisper
We Are Doing "IT"