Links to a Bunch of Text-Related Generators
DadaDodo  Text Generators
Communications From Elsewhere
Mad Science Network
A Masterpiece of Prose by the all-famous J.W. Random
Lorem-Ipsum Greek Boilerplate Text Generator
Graphics and Text Image Tools
A grammar-based text generator, and a sample grammar to generate bad Goth poetry.
Brad Sucks ? Text Generators
DadaDodo - Exterminate All Rational Thought
The Shannonizer -  a web toy with delusions of literacy
The "outofwords" application creates new texts from a source text
Generate Text with Random Google Page Text
Create Couplets, Haiku and Limericks from Random Text
The Art of Software Art
"rmutt" is a utility for generating random text from context-sensitive grammars.
A CS Research Topic Generator or How To pick A Worthy Topic In 10 Seconds
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