About this next Gig...
Subject: About this next gig...   
Date:  Thu, 27 Jun 1996 20:10:56 -0700   
From:  sphinx1@ix.netcom.com (hector dominguez)    
To: Jagit@aol.com    
CC: gggor@io.com  
Dear sirs,
With the upcoming performance of BOOGER 9000 on July 2, 7:30 to 9:30 pm, I was thinking of ways we might improve our standing with the local music community. Granted, participating in the Downtown Austin Merchants series of summer concerts, is a good career move but only as long as we do things right this time.  I think we all have to wear multi-colored fishnet jumpsuits, with matching sunglasses, purple platform patent-leather shoes, lots of gold chains and big old floppy, lavender colored, crushed velvet pimp hats. I've got a bunch of the stick-on, fake gold zodiac symbols, to stick on our front teeth, which will look really cool.  We should also pack some rods. I was thinking Joe would take the 357 mag, Bill could wear the .45 automatic, Shannon would have a Bazooka (of course), Dirk would be blasting away with an old antique Thompson sub-machine gun. I'm just gonna carry that one gun that shoots knives, you know that ONE gun, but this time instead of butcher knife ammo, I'm gonna load it with machete ammo.  Between songs we shouldn't even acknowledge the swarming crowd. We should look very bored when they start diving head first from the balcony into piles of broken glass on the floor. We should only talk among ourselves about how deep and meaningful our music is and how very misunderstood we are, but we'll be saying it loud enough and close enough to the mics to be picked up, so our teaming legions of fans will love us even more when they realize our total contempt for them. If we can pull it off, we just might get blow jobs this time.

LUV, Marty