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This is a partial list of the songs from the "Infamous Bay Jams"

You must hear these phenomenal tunes before you die!! You WILL literally (want to) crap your damn drawers off!! You won't believe it when you realize these guys were just effortlessly pulling these jams out of their butts while eating meat, drinking booze, smoking frop cigars and watching Mexican wrestling porn!

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"Lordy..the Corpses, the Corpses"
Side A:
Hey Mama, Mama, Hey, Mama, Mama, Baby
Hi-Speed Mama (Reprise)
Monotony Nazis
Tongue'n Groove
Potato Chip
Bald Headed Red Head
Your Proboscis Lip Secretions
Side B:
Standing On Shaky Ground
Big Green Zombie with a Cyclops Eye
I'm Gonna Knit You a Watch Pocket Lint Sweater
Come Inside My Hee Haw Love Barn
Forgotten Sea of Repetitive Songage (Good Riffin', though)
Leftover Diplomacy
Blabber to End
"Placid Sunday"
Side A:
Big Bad Jammer
California Dreamin' of Jaegarmeister
Far-Reaching Funk
Jazz Country, USA
The Undiscovered Appendage
Your Vestigial Hindbrain
Suspicious Times
Side B:
Don't Forget the Perennial Favorite
Grammar School of Law Office Suite
Cherry Blossom
The Lost 1/2 Hour Opus I
Bermuda Shorts Triangle
"Miles To Go Before I Sleep"
Side A:
Misogyny League
Philo's Drum Forte'
The Hell Moans Variations
Lafe's New Bass Rap
The Toilet's Flooded (Practice 2 or 3 times)
Transition to "We Go To Bay"
Forgotten Remembrances
Beautiful Monotone
Philo Attempts the Star Trek Theme Song
Side B:
Misc Yakkin' (mostly indecipherable)
96 Dollars of Sushi
Transition Tuning
Strange Driving Stories (lyrics by Tennyson)
Jackin' Around Jam
Back When We'se Cool
I Mo' Go Git Me Some (Rap)
Little 3-4 min Blank Until End
"Dupe Downs of the SLC"
Side A:
Black Table Top
Is That Too Much Pain, Sorrow, and Misery?
Honky Transition Jazz
Did He Do It? (He Did It!)
The Relentless Flood (Good Bone)
The Vice-President's Foul Breath
Inside a Woman's Mind (it's Tiny)
Nouveau Tradition
Penetrate the Veal
I Fell Like a Ten-Dollar Bill
Po'Bucker Rutting Season
Side B:
Po'Bucker Rutting Season (cont'd)
The Conquering Heroes
Chune Upping
The Alternative Radio Hit
Toenail Soup Spoon
Chinchilla Overcoat (Gut Feeling)
Stinky Hands
I Don't Know (If I Want To Go As A Uighur)
Red-Eyed Azure Sea of Love
Lyrical Desert to the Left and Right
Learn It Forwards and Its a Hit
State of Emergency Fade-Out
Take a Trip to Oblivion
There's Danger There
"The Infamous Bay Sessions"
Side A:
Corpus Novus Vitae
Gonna Take You Down On Me
March of the Creeps
Hey, There's People Down Here!
Love Is A Kind Of An Animal
Squat Thrusting Pelvii (like 5 sq. Feet)
The Lost Weekday
The Missing Lin
Side B:

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