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Welcome to Philo's long-awaited, Insipid Music, Publg.  and Questionable Judgement Music Publg. Catalog.

Start thanking yourself and patting yourself on the back like the wise consumer you are for the great and wise potential non-buying decision you made when you didn't purchase or otherwise purloin this rare and some say sacred music catalog. You'll dance the day away on the graves of your dead grandparents in exhilarated exaltation, all the while laughing the tears of sheer joy away. You'll ponder the significance of life, contemplate your increasing, albeit internalized, greatness, lose weight, AND quit smoking even if you don't smoke now!!!Back by popular demand but watch out, its "Wildly Flatulent". Incorporates all the latest in mind-control technology. Induces trance-like states and catatonia in low-IQ humanoids. BEWARE!! This is not Kid Stuff!! Its Helll Bent for Leather!!! These tapes have been used successfully as marital aids for years in several foreign countries.
Contains both genuine and simulated  "Live SSttuudio" and "Real Live" recordings. Some settling, overdubbing and mixing occurs in transport.
At last, it can now be revealed. Over 13.37 years in the making, this much awaited trance-scribed mystically encoded document tells it like it is! Pure, clear, liquid slack spews directly from these song-like things into your skull the instant you light one up! Shock value! Dis you say shock value? You'll wail in anguish for the souls of the Corpses and Philo in particular  when you realize how stupid they must have been to ask these insanely deranged, pain-infested, end-o-humanity, low, low, death dealin' no-prices. You'll welcome the chance to pay with the warm, still beating heart of your sainted old blue-haired granny just to sniff the covers of these products. Share it with Grandma, don't kill her. What could you be thinking??  Anyway, as soon as you do, you'll begin to decipher the true hidden secret meaning of the Underwriters Laboratory Approved No-Fake Drummondian Silent Radio Signals which permeate each and every inch of the patented Tar-Pit Nucleonic Ferry Oxhide tape or the Max-Hell CD-HAR 74 minute Shiny-Assed CDs, contained in the beautifully hand-crapped customized cassette shell or CD case. Gives you the courage and impetus to smite your enemies AND their pets.
Here you'll find the finest in Dobbs-Approved anti-music, acid-punk-funk-surf-a-billy, Old-Guy Techno, Free Mixes and the latest in Submutoid-related musical genres and maybe merchandise and other such gew-gaws, cranked out by mostly deranged but profoundly talented cynics, con men, cranks, and cybermusickal manipulators.
Long suppressed and banned by the conspiracy, these fartfully crafted albums are instant collectors items. No two are exactly alike, so buy 'em all!! But watch out, they're highly infectious. Your friends will want to take a contract out on you unless you let 'em at least sniff the leader tape of these fabulous hellhole backstabber slack-magnets. Imagine the sex you'll get when you share them with your loved ones.
You're going to tremble ecstatically at the sounds of North America's premiere performance art-rock party band, captured live and in the studio. Make no attempt to operate heavy machinery, perform acrobatic feats of balance and coordination or sign any important contracts while under the influence of these tapes and cds.
WARNING: This material contains SATIRE which may be offensive to individuals with no sense of humor. Also may contain one or more of the following ingredients: Backmasking, Mackbasking, Silent Radio, Frankenstein Radar Controls, or Subliminal Messages. Not for use during seances, worship services, gland transplants or carburetor repair. Purported to induce trances, demonic possession, goat worship, incontinence, and hives. Not responsible for behaviorial shifts or spontaneous personality bypasses which may result from the misuse of these tapes.
Swingin' Love Corpses DVDs and SVCDs
You may have missed 'em live but now's your chance to relive the uniques experience of a live Swingin' Love Corpses Show - All the shows are at least 1.5 hours and some are almost 3 hours. Collect them all to impress your friends and focus your slack. $15 each from philo@quiveringbrain.com
~ Rise from the Dead at Off Broadway (1 hour) - October 6th, 1990
verbiage about the show goes here

~ Live Again at Off Broadway (3 hours) - October 3rd, 1993
verbiage about the show goes here

~ Elvis's Birthday at the Wabash Triangle Cafe (3 hours) - January 8th, 1994

~ Dragon-CON in Atlanta with the SubGenius Devival (1 hour) - July 15th, 1994

~ Halloween at Off Broadway (2 hours) - October 28th, 1994

~ Famous Basements of the SLC (2 hours) - Various Dates
World Famous AND Always Free Music and Sound Crap
Your Sexy Big-Headed Sax-man
~ Corpses Sound Sampler
~ The Cups and Goat Family,
~ Philo's Old Guy Techno,
~ The Band That Dare Not Speak It's Name Revisited,
~ and the Corpses Infamous "Bay" Jams

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