The Corpses Gig Chronology
Rare "LIVE" Performances
by the Corpses

A Chronology of most of the Swingin' Love Corpses Gigs
Carol's Flora Street Pub - Halloween 1986 - "The Halloween Dead Bash" - Our first Gig, Philo stood with his back to the audience all night, even during his vocals. 

Little John's Pub -  Valentine's Day 1987 - "the St. Valentine's Day Massacre" - We massacred 'em. 

Soulard Preservation Hall - First Annual Trash Fest - Friday May 1st, 1987 - "Battle of the BAAAD Bands" - We stunk it up good! 

Memphis - Opening for the dB's at The Antenna Club March or April 1988 no one can remember for sure anymore (brain warpage and cell damage, you know) except that we all remember totally BLOWIN' THE dbs and eveyone away with our sublime originality, superior musicianship and pompous bombastitude. 

Little John's Pub - June 27th 1988 - We killed 'em.  Philo was playing bass. K.C. Reed was on Sax. We only knew 6 songs and Philo's hands cramped up on number 5.

Little John's Pub March 11 1989 - We shot ''em dead with our love.  With SubGenius Devival and Special Guests, Rev. Ivan Stang and Pope Sterno.

Memphis - (without Philo) at the Antenna Club. September 1989 The Pigs Opened for us, they drove all night to pay $200 to play for 30 minutes. They had spunk! We hurt 'em bad, like that time with Boy George. 

Off Broadway - March 3rd, 1990 - We blew 'em away!" We watched the Stooges on our stage TV during Mojo's drum solo. 

Off Broadway - October 6th, 1990 - They begged for more!! We left 'em sweaty and panting. 

Off Broadway - May 11th, 1991 - Sold World's Record Beer Amount for Most Beers Sold by a Bar Band in a Single Night. look it up! 

Dreamerz - Chicago - September 9th, 1992 - Booked for the SubGenius SubCon, we thought we were the headliners, Ha!We had to go to some other club and then climb up into a huge brick oven they called a club, AND sin of all sins, NO FREE BEER FOR THE BAND!!!!, We played it half-hearted, sweaty, BUT KICKIN'!! 

Off Broadway - Halloween October 31st, 1992 - We beat their asses. 

Phenomicon, Atlanta - November 1992 - We toasted 'em.  with a SubGenius Devival and Rev. Stang and Janor Hypercleets were there

Ferguson KC Hall (Hairball Festival) July 24th, 1993 - They worshipped us like gods!! 

Off Broadway - October 2nd, 1993 - We were crowned, "The Five Civilized Kings of St. Louis" 

Wabash Triangle Cafe - January 8th, 1994 - A Crazed Fanatic BURNED IT DOWN, no shit!!, after we played there! 

DragonCon, Atlanta - July 15th, 1994 - Seven Hundred souls paid homage to our saintly Lordnesses there, and begged to be baptized into a New World Reality. 

Christina Drummond's 13th Birthday Party - September 24th, 1994 - The Children, the Children..... 

Off Broadway - October 28th, 1995 - We Saved the Universe and sold even more beer. 

Bernard's Pub - March 7th, 1996 - Corpses appear as alternate identity, ?the Uighurs? with Church of the SubGenius?s Ivan Stang and Circus Apocalypse, with Dr. Legume, Unbelievable, legendary, world-shattering, toenails, screaming women, these are but a few of the words to describe what is possibly the greatest unknown SubGenius show ever. Stang and Legume refuse to talk about it. Is the Church covering Up? Write and ask, "What's the deal?" 

At Your House - Corpses appear at Your House after you pay $1000 and say when.

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