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AT LONG LAST!! YOU ASKED FOR IT SO HERE IT IS!!! THE CORPSES LAST LIVE GIG!!!! at Off Broadway - The Swingin' Love Corpses October 28th, 1995
This was one of the last and some say best Swingin' Love Corpses performance at Off Broadway in St. Louis. The Line-up was Lafe on bass, Tex on Second Guitar, Ray Hay on Lead, with Philo and Sphinx as usual. This was our most concise version of the band and yet our most ROCK-ish. Very funny parts include intra-song banter and some our best schtick. All between song banter maintained. In fact, you can string the songs together in the order shown for the complete gig experience
Soak Your Butt - Swingin' Love Corpses Limited Edition Album 1989
This was one of the last and some say best Swingin' Love Corpses albums from early in the Corpses legendary rise to stardom. Contains very early versions of Hideous House and Pick-A--Booger plus early SLC promos and some great anti-music. with Philo, Ray, Sphinx, Mojo, Lafe, Cecil and Elvis.
HIGH QUALITY RECORDINGS !! - Swingin' Love Corpses - Infamous Bay Jams
Whenever the Swingin' Love Corpses meet at our  river country retreat for a little R & R  we like to grill animal carcasses, drink adult beverages, smoke ceegars, shoot potato cannons, and hunt small game with bb guns, and JAMMIN' OUR ASSES OFF!!!Here are some of our best  Hi-quality DAT recordings made into just barely adequate mp3s BUT THEY'RE FREE!! Excellent when long instrumentals are all that will satisfy. Recommended by truckers.
FREE!! Previously Unreleased Swingin' Love Corpses Music
Here are some NEW old  Swingin' Love Corpses recordings I found in a musty old cardboard box in a creepy old attic. They were originally recorded on 4-track sandpaper so I had to work on 'em a while just to get  them cleaned up. Now available for the first time. A definite for the SLC completist.
PHILO'S MUSIC SAMPLER - random selections from 4 albums soon to be available on CD
Here are some of my tunes. My Music is mostly Lots of sampled loops from movies and tv overlaid with and goofy beats, some with mutated instruments. Some of my best stuff!! Really. No, Honest. Selections from the Albums:  California Boy Named Philo; Absolute Quality of Desire; It's A Concept Thing; Lobar: Frog-Boy of Athens; Free Mix and We're You Talking To Me? More to be added. Finished CDs available.
RARE!! The Cups and Goat Family Music
Whenever the Swingin' Love Corpses met at Philo's Basement, they had to jam with their casios and drum machines  into a mixer while wearing headphones (the kids were sleeping upstairs) .  Some really great stuff emerged. including Hell's Angels On The Weekend, Poor Crazy Bonnie among others
NEW!! - The Music,  Sounds, and Secret Yakkin' of Dokstok 2
Way back in October of 1986 Dokstok 2 happened. DRs 4 "Bob", 1000 Drs (pre Swingin' Love Corpses), The Band That Dare Not Speak Its Name came together at Sterno's Family Motel on Bull Shoal's Lake to see who was the best SubGenius Doktorband that year.
NEW!! - The Music,  Sounds, and Secret Yakkin' of Dokstok 3
Way back in October of 1987 Dokstok 3 happened. DRs 4 "Bob", Swingin' Love Corpses, The Band That Dare Not Speak Its Name and Fart Dog Explosion (the combined bands' forces) came together on Bull Shoal's Lake to see who was the best SubGenius Doktorband. Many famous quotes and hilarity emerged that has since become rock solid church dogma. 2 or 3 listens required to decipher all of the hidden jokes. People are unable to  party like this any more.
NEW!! -  Iceman's Johnson Unholy Alliance - Live at G'Broagfran's New Pad
When the remnants of the Swingin' Love Corpses meets the remnants of the Band That Dare Not Speak It's Name to see if they still have it and still don't know.  Listen and judge for yourself. Classic Wotan Jams at G'Broagfran's Newest Studio. Starring Gary G'Broagfran, Puzzling Evidence, KROB, Bishop Joey and me. Formerly members of The Band Thad Dare Not Swing It's Laughing Corpse
Finally!!  Here at Last!! The Band That Dare Not Speak It's Name
Here's some REAL nuggets from my vault. The Band That Dare Not Speak It's name was and is Gary G'Broagfran, Puzzling Evidence, Palmer Vreedeez Jay Kinney, and some others i can't remember. Frequently copied but never duplicated.
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