The Halls of Valhalla of Former Swingin' Love Corpses
"It was a club before it became a band and you had to become a member. Cigar smoking, beer and martini drinkin', dice throwin', cussin' like sailors only wished they could. I heard there were women but I never saw 'em. It was members only -- bigtime. Some guy got the crap beat outta him one night when he brought an unannounced guest." -- Old One Eye 1990
Don't start crying yet because the Corpses are still alive and well and living in St. Louis  where they are stuck back in 1995 still trying to relive our glory days but still meeting every Wenesday night at the home of the Swingin' Love Corpses, Ray Hay's Basement.
Current Local Regular Members
* Ray Hay
* Mojo "Skippy" Butcher
* Judge "Uncle\ Pop" "Tex" Einstein
(AKA Commander "Blood" Kitty)*
* Pope Cecil X. NIxxon*
* Reid Ganz
* Lafe Kowabunga
Off-Site Irregular Members
Wotan, Wotan frozen God of the Northland.
* Sphinx Drummond
* Philo Drummond
History's Greatest Former Members
* Pope Cecil X. Nixxon (also a current member) -    Holds record for being fired more times and by more people than any other Corpse in history
* Elvis Hemingway
* Tom Sutter
* Mark Casey
* Lung Jones
* Rick Jones
History's Greatest Temporary Current and Former Members
* Guy Deuel (G. Gordon Gordon) * That one guy who had asthma at Dean's * Sterno Keckhaver * Janor Hypercletes* Ivan Stang * Puzzling Evidence * Gary G'Broagfran * Palmer Vreedees * Ted Malave * Ted Kaczynski (the other one) * "Mr. Him" Tad Britton * Gary "Ol' Buttlips" Clemons * Jim "the Weasel" Wideman * Inhibiting Factor * Reverend Angry Larry * Ed "Bishop Joey" Holmes * Rob "K-ROB" Cole * Magistrate Jueles Renault * Ambassador Chuck Bronson * Senator Thompson Speck -- More to Come

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