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But Who is Philo?

Philo Drummond, son of an itinerant wandering illegal Mexican farmworker with no green card, spent his formative years as a faceless corporate middle manager for some merciless  multinational conglomorate until downsizing and some minor low-handednesss in high-places rendered his continued services unnecessary.  After the appropriate monkey-wrenching of the local equipment, Philo sneaked out the secret backdoor with all the corporate secrets crunched into a tiny zip file which he continues to sell to foreign competitors a few secrets at a time to keep the demand up.
For years, Philo wandered from job to job, eventually leaving the U.S.A. for an extended sabbatical, rumored to have spent some time with Tibetan Lamas. Some have said that he suffered some unmentionable accident while in Tibet, others have intimated that his unnamed alteration was performed strictly by intent. After his Tibet trip close asssociates noticed a change in Philo, yet none could ever put the alleged change in words. The most noticible change was his normally voracious appetite for knowledge increased 10-fold. His studies ranged from the ridiculous to the sublime. He studied the most esoteric tomes of hideous forgotten knowledge and lost secrets too insane to describe, as well as the cheesiest of grade Z pulp novels and Golden Age comic books.
Later, after joining forces with his college buddies, J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, Ivan Stang, and L. Ron Hubbard, Philo created the world's first industrial religion, the Church of Scientific Algorithms. The church went nowhere fast by making enemies of the press, the government, everyone they met, and was hounded by the FBI, CIA, SEC, ROTC and several other quasi-governmental acronymic agencies. Soon, at Philo's incessant urging, L. Ron was finally forced out and then everything changed for the better. Under Philo's seemingly inspired guidance, The Church of the SubGenius and its PR arm, the SubGenius Foundation, was formed, with "Bob" as the figurehead, and managed by the reknowned Wall Street financial guru, Ivan Stang, and the rest is history.
Young good-looking, Philo.
Previously Unreleased Swingin' Love Corpses Music!!!!
After his retirement from the day to day management duties of the SubGenius Foundation, Philo has been able to pursue his musical interests with his various bands, including the Swingin' Love Corpses. Here's some previously unreleased Corpses nuggets from the vault.
Discussion Topics include military-industrial brainwashing, Star Wars, the KKK, televangelism, the nuclear family, the attempted assassination of the Pope and the war on drugs, the Pope on drugs, Mormon Sex Nazis, obnoxious noises, slug nesting habits, Sleepy-Eyed Squid rustling, various nostril effluvia, hopeless crusades and lost causes, irritating repetitive jokes, songs that never end, your mother's grottie legs., legendary nice women, pain amplifiers, wasted opportunities, misspent youth, time-consuming vices, leaky vessels,

Products and Services of Questionable Judgement
* Philo's "OG" (Old Guy) Techno Music (Free MP3 Downloads)
* The Lost Gospel of Philo - or How I Know J.R. "Bob" Dobbs
* The True History of History  - (search and replace classic)

* The Secret of Silent Radio Signals - (po'bucker chain letter parody from the 70's)
Products and Services of Dubious Quality and Deficient Quantity
* Personal Lifestyle Consultation Services
* Frop Testing
* Muckraking, Back Masking, Off Track Service
* Leftover Dinner Removal
* Scapegoat, Blametaking and Martyr Service
* Lottery Winnings Redemption
* Personality Bypass Surger

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