The column components can be exchanged in order to develop up to 11,881,336 different combinations
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 Hi, This is Steve I'm Lost in the Woods so I can't come to the phone As soon as you calm down Leave a message I promise not to trace your call
2 Hi, This is Steve I'm It's the first day of frog mating season so I can't grok you now smooth out the wrinkles Hang up I'll call you back.
3 Hi, This is Steve I'm laying the smackdown so I'm shredding the copies and reformatting the hard drives when you finish making notes concentrate real hard I'll recover the secret lost files we talked about
4 Hi, This is Steve I'm I saw what you did last summer so I'm making copies and backing up the files When you stop screaming Leave a message I promise not to take it out on you like last time
5 Hi, This is Steve I'm out pumping iron so I can't stop concentrating my mind When you get back Leave your message I'll ship the goods
6 Hi, This is Steve I'm out teasing small children so unless you have something better for me to do live life to the fullest Stop bothering me and I'll quit repeating, "It's Only A Movie!"
7 Hi, This is Steve I'm I notice that you are frowning so stop eating that processed stuff When I get back make sounds I won't leave a turd on your doorstep
8 Hi, This is Steve I'm It pains me to tell you this so stop giving me pains If we reach Nirvana we'll try the bean curd I'll communicate telepathically
9 Hi, This is Steve I'm stopping to smell the roses so I can't stop to listen to your whining quit looking like a monkey communicate efficiently and quickly I'll be the good looking one
10 Hi, This is Steve I'm chewin' the fat with Cross-Eyed Charley so I can't stop stuttering Tell your Mom use pithy statements I'll swim there
11 Hi, This is Steve I'm discovering the leak so I can't make it all the way to the phone very easily When you get back from Abilene Listen to your Mom this time I will give you money, not real money, joss money.
12 Hi, This is Steve I'm befouling the air so I can't stop doing all this really, really important stuff that I'm doing, man. settle down now direct my phone dialing skills to the receiving instrument of your choice I'll grease the car
13 Hi, This is Steve I'm making rude sounds so I'm finding out about all of your deepest, darkest secrets cry yourself to sleep say something really funny I whack a mole
14 Hi, This is Steve I'm leaving messages in elevators so I'm putting jello in the parking meter If you'll just sit down we'll try to settle this like adults leave peacefully
15 Hi, This is Steve I'm sharing water with my water brothers so I'm dedicating a park in your name Stop spinning for a minute smell the coffee I'll put in for a transfer
16 Hi, This is Steve I'm living in the past so leave your nim, noomber, and a briff massage When you come down say something really smart I'll re-up
17 Hi, This is Steve I'm missing an opportunity right now so live up to my expectations Leave your sister out of this say something profound that I can save and use later I'll live up to you expectations
18 Hi, This is Steve I'm trying to stop mean people so put the money under the mat. If we live in splendor say something worth recording while wasting incredible amounts of time
19 Hi, This is Steve I'm taking care of the homeless so blink once for yes, twice for no. If we make eye contact play a song for me I'll be you this time
20 Hi, This is Steve I'm working hard to stop world hunger so when you get through serving at Abu Gharib If we communicate meaningfully and on a spiritual level leave me a hint and I'll apprehend the perpetrators
21 Hi, This is Steve I'm burning books so Lift your hearts in song If we take more medicine grunt spasmodically I'll type a stupid song
22 Hi, This is Steve I'm conducting witch hunts so If we can all just get along If we take more chances reward yourself I'll advance medical science
23 Hi, This is Steve I'm pleasuring endangered species so If you can find it in your heart to forgive yourself take a deep breath abuse slack I'll be all I can be
24 Hi, This is Steve I'm leaving my spoor so you missed me you missed me don't look in there now you gotta kiss me.
25 Hi, This is Steve I'm just so, so busy with really important stuff, Man so try not to make any noise If we communicate with a dwarf meaningfully scream real loud for 45 seconds I'll brick up the fireplace
26 Hi, This is Steve I'm busy so leave a message this is the first step toward deep relaxation wander around aimlessly I'll call you back.