By Ivan Stang and Philo Drummond

I don’t hear the music but GO BABY GO
It’s the song that refuses to die
The song that cannot die
It wants to die
It wanted to die so bad. It wanted to die so bad, but it just COULDN’T  DIE. As soon as one drummer died, another one would just pick up the fitful beat until pretty soon, Oh My God!, the song came back!
Nobody wanted it; god almighty
They could a used some sleep; but the song refused to die.
The song started 2 years ago, but STILL STILL it REFUSED to die. It wasn’t a very pretty song;
you couldn’t even call it an interesting song.
But it was unfortunately an immortal song.
All it’d do was keep going and going.
Every now and then it would take on some semblance of an emotional tone. But then somebody would get on mike who couldn’t even sing. then it would just go splinter into a Sargational Sea of sound. and maybe even a flappy little emotional song and then it’d start getting murky again. And people hoped it would be able to die.
But it kept twitching. its heart wouldn’t give up.
It might have been a nice song to begin with, in some remote time, but now it JUST WOULDNT DIE.
Just when you thought that it’d given up, it would SCREAM’ and lust keep getting uglier and uglier.
Every now and then somebody would come along and try to explain it. but then he’d die, or get tired of it.
It went through 3 generations of musicians. all the musicians who’d started playing the song are dead. But not the SONG -- Oh NO!
That ol’ song ain’t gonna die, no sireee! Oh you can PRAY for the song to die.You can call up your Mom and say OH MOM, MAKE THE SONG DIE!. MY EARS HURT, MOM!
But it just gets LOUDER and LOUDER and LOUDER.
It’s like it wants to hurt you. And just when you thought it was over, when you thought it’d killed you. Oh GOD, it brings YOU back to life! Oh NO! Not only does the SONG not die, YOU don’t even get to die. You just have to keep listening and listening!
Oh, a guitarist might die, but someone else would come along.
Maybe they’d try to kill it but NO. the song would just keep playing and playing itself, THE SONG THAT REFUSED. to DIE. (etc.etc)
((slows down))
What --is it dead? Is it DEAD YET? Is the song dead yet? NO?
The drums were broken, but that wouldn’t stop the SONG, unh-UNU! The power went out-- you think that’s gonna stop the song? Whoo, YOU WISH! The song that refused to DIEEEW

Bullets couldn’t stop it! Flamethrowers couldn’t stop it. the nuclear bomb, the harmonic convergence, they tried everything they could think of, but the SONG REFUSES to DIE. It continued to LIVE, relentlessly tearing into our eardrums.
You think it.s dead? Unh-UNH ferGET IT! Oh, this song’s gonna be around LONG alter YOURE dead and gone, boy!
Listen. its heart beats. OH NO! FIBRILATIONS! Has the pain ended? OH GOD no. look at that EEG -- it’s incredible that it could be in a coma for this long, yet still go on and on. and not. DIE!
‘Try ‘n beg your Mom, it won’t do no good! Clean socks wouldn’t stop IT!
They tried to clean up the song and make it feel good about itself,. they thought maybe then it would be ready for death. Maybe just a sense of bitterness was keeping it FROM dying. But NOooo. that ol’ song just kept going on.
Go ahead, try to kill it. Go ahead, TRY.
Oh, they could cripple the song. they could slow it down. They could really HURT the song. They cut three of its legs off. But look at it now, still trottin’ along, easy as can be. It doesn’t care what you think about it. that ol’ song keeps going.
Nobody knows the words to it. my grandfather knew the words, but he’s dead now. they say the aliens dropped  the song here, trying to get rid of it. They damaged the song, but it just hid in a hole until it HEALED UP. then it’d come back, LOUDER than EVER, and hurt everybody’s ears again. When they pulled the plug on it, it just stumbled around, but never quite died down. Just turned into sort of an acoustic song.
So they gave up on that. it still walks the earth. roamin’ the countryside, never know where it’ll go next.
If it knocks at the door, for God’s sake don’t let it in. Tell your kids to stay away from the song. Don’t worry about your neighborhood; property values go back up after the song LEAVES.
But the song never stops. IT NEVER STOPS!
Sometimes the only lyrics to the song were thousands of people in torment screaming, IT NEVER STOPS, IT NEVER STOPS!
HOW CAN YOU KILL A SONG THAT’S ALREADY DEAD?? It shambles on with an unholy life of its own. It’s lived for centuries., but it can’t stop killing ! It wouldn’t move aside for GOOD songs. there were lovely songs in this country once, LOOK AT THEM NOW. this empty husk was once a decent song. Its life force sapped away by the song that refused to die. Centuries in the making: the song that refused to die.
Maybe someday a way to stop this song will be invented.
Uh-Oh, here it goes again, looks like it’s getting riled up, it’s gettinangry.OH, musta said something wrong. NOW it’s gonna kill me! But it WONT. It wont stop, it NEVER STOPS. just gets uglier and uglier, more pitiful, more pathetic! IT WON’T DIE!
Whole religions were formed to try to stop the song.
But you know what happened. it never stopped.
It didn’t have a brain., not even a face. the SONG WITH NO FACE. it sort of

See what I mean?
Go on up there and try to stop that song. perfessor! Wait, don’t kill it, we must try to communicate with the song! It could tell science many things “Well, go on up there Mr. Professor ((ZAP sound effect screams))
Eggheads came up with all kinds of new devices, trying to shut down that song, but all that happened was, the devices got used against people in other countries ‘cause the public decided, OH, the IRANIANS must’ve started the song! The RUSSIANS must’ve started it! WORLD WARS were started over WHO was TO BLAME for the song!
Monks burned themselves, that wouldn’t stop it. Human sacrifices wouldn’t stop it.
Musicians would all put their instruments down, hoping their total absence would stop the song. FRAID NOT!
You couldn’t hide from the song.

It just kept on refusing to die, that ol’ song ain’t gonna die, just when you thought it was dead it started over again until it was in a hypnotic endless loop forever cycling and recycling through itself, mutating and perambulating over it’s own frequency distortion bursts of sound and sight.

But still, overall, it refused to die, it couldn’t die, it was impossible to die, the very fabric of the universe was threaded in the fact that it couldn’t die, if the song that refused to die, died, time and space as we know it would cease to exist. It was the most important thing in the universe, more important than… than the President, more important than the United States, more important than the World, more important than God.

It was the song that refused to die. The song that held the very fabric of time and space together, if it died everyone would die, it couldn’t die, it had to stay alive. It kept just wearing out musicians over the years, through the centuries the song kept going, every now and then they thought it would die but it couldn’t die.

Sometimes the people would forget about it but is just sat there on the edge of their consciousness it sat there like an overgrown turd, just flatulently expressing itself in cosmic gaseous emissions bursting forth every now and then reminding people that it couldn’t die, it wouldn’t die, it never died, it refused to die!

And just when you thought that it would never die, a hero came along… and put the song out of it’s misery. He killed the song that refused to die. A Hero, a glowing beacon of Slack amidst the toils and trials and tribulations of the song that refused to die.

Overcome by total Slack, the song began it’s death throes. Starting to die took a long time for the song that refused to die. Yes, indeed, it was the end of the beginning of the song that refused to die… or was it the beginning of the end of the song. Somewhere between the two, the song that refused to die began it’s mighty death throes, the throes that would last throughout all eternity. Forever tortured in its death, the song that was forever dying did indeed die forever.

Some people said that was a lot like refusing to die but for some, but for some, the song had indeed begun it’s death cycle. And therefore could be considered to have died or at least was in the process of dying. And would therefore one day indeed be dead.

You or I won’t be here to see it, Oh no. We’d never last that long. The song that refused to die took centuries, decades, even weeks to die  It couldn’t die in our lifetime. We’d forget about our own mortality before it would die. We would cease to exist. History would forget that we even ever existed. There would be no remembrance of us on the Earth before the song that refused to die went completely through it’s death cycle.

Oh Yeah, but it kind of wanted to die… it kinda wanted to die now. It sorta you could say it was already dead. It was just twitching. It was really alive anymore but it’s more like it’s nerves were just twitching. Kinda like when you cut a chicken’s head off and it keeps jerking for a while… it’s not really alive but is indeed twitching and jerking as if indeed it once had a life of it’s own. It was just a shambling corpse headless, bodiless, legless, armless, but still just plodding along. Yep, it was just still keep on going.  You couldn’t stop it. You couldn’t stop it from dying, now. You couldn’t make it quit dying. It refused to die for so long that it forgot what it was like to even refuse to quit doing something.

It couldn’t imagine what it would be like to quit doing something for a while. There’s that ol song. Whatever it was doing it was just used to keep on doing it. It didn’t know if it was dying or living or what. But whatever it was… it just kept on going. If it was dead it kept on going, if it was alive it kept on going, if it was refusing to die it kept on going. It wouldn’t quit, there wasn’t a thing… it couldn’t decide what quit was. Somebody told it about the concept of quit one time and it said, “I can’t understand what that means.” It just won’t register. I can’t figure out what quit actually means. Is it kinda like ceasing to do something?

Was it the beginning of… was it beginning to quit? Beginning to call all consciousness aside? Of something other than existence? Could you even think about the unthinkable, could the song that refused to die think about refusing? Or doing anything other than refusing? I don’t know… that’s for you to answer I guess, that’s a question I am posing to you… Answer me!

Can a song that refused to die ever think about quitting to refuse to quit to die? Huh?

That ol’ song wore out it’s singer, wore out all it’s instruments. The hydroelectric dams quit functioning to produce electricity to power the song that refused to die. But it kept going on acoustically. It kept just making residual sounds that were like ambient universal noises that just seemed to be bouncing off the stars in a haphazard fashion falling to Earth unheard by humans because they had long since died.

There wasn’t anything left on Earth that could hear. There was no auditory functioning ability or sensory organs left on any living creature, every living creature that was left on the Earth at that time had no auditory functioning capability. They couldn’t even hear a song if it was going. They wouldn’t know if it was refusing to die because there was nothing there to register the sound. It was like the old Zen saying can you hear it. does a tree that falls in the wilderness make a sound if no one’s there to hear it?

Can the song that refused to die even be a song if there is no one there to hear it?. They said as they walked away from their instruments for the final time